AV Stumpfl Gives Wings to Absen Europe Showroom

Absen, a world leading manufacturer of LED solutions, recently expanded and upgraded its showroom setup within their European HQ in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

Visitors can experience the impressive visual quality of highly popular and award winning LED displays developed for a number of industries, including corporate, retail, rental staging, OOH and sports.

In the new set up, Absen Europe is offering its visitors to witness both its bestselling models that have become household names in their respective industries, and a number of innovative new LED solutions embedding the latest generation of high end LED technology.


The vast majority of the LED screens in the showroom are fed content from an AV Stumpfl Wings Engine Stage media server. The Wings software interface gives Absen technicians the ability to quickly change and replace professional audio-visual content, depending on the profile of the showroom visitors:

Oliver Straub, the Absen technician in charge of the showroom commented: “Since we opted for the Wings Engine media server, handling content has become a lot easier for us. We now have one main system interface, that we know is reliable and can easily be adjusted. In order to make the best use of the quality of our LED solutions, we needed a professional media server platform, because no matter how good your LED display is, you have to make sure that the content workflow is equally professional.”


Among the LED screens showcased in the showroom is the Absen HDV 1.2, the latest generation of UHD indoor wall displays for fixed installation. Boasting a viewing angle of 160°, the front install HDV 1.2 design helps to save up to 80% of space.

Also within the showroom set up are the N3, N4 and N5 LED displays from the award-winning N series. With an extra wide viewing angle and smart monitoring capabilities, the slim N series is perfectly suitable for both retail and fixed installations. The N4 in particular stands out with a real-time check performance status and a fan-less solution.


Rental staging LED solutions are also on display, with the revolutionary M2.9 Pro and its one action locking system, which can produce concave and convex screen shapes, as well as the X5 workhorse.

Visitors looking for outdoor solutions can also discover the L3, a smart and weatherproof advertising display boasting a double-sided display and high brightness along with an excellent image quality.