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Driving Automotive AR

by Jon Peddie

Taking on the big questions that OEMs face in differentiating with AR.

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Luxoft and Basemark Join Forces on Automotive AR

by Jon Peddie

Basemark has taken over the automotive augmented reality market with its tooling and software products. Extending their reach further, the company recently announced its new partnership with Luxoft, a DXC Technology company. Luxoft has …

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The Long and Winding Road of LG’s WebOS

by Jon Peddie

LG’s ownership of WebOS is ten years old—longer than any other company, but the OS traces its development back 31 years to 1992.

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What I Thought I Knew About Apple’s AR Product

by Jon Peddie

When a child asks a question, if you don’t answer it, or answer it satisfactorily, the child will make up their own answer, this is where all the conspiracy theories come from, children.

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Why I Am Dazzled by Dell’s 32-Inch Ultrasharp 32 6K Monitor

by Jon Peddie

Dell has developed a 32-inch IPS monitor with a resolution of 6K, offering 21.23MP and a built-in autofocus 8K camera for realistic imaging. The monitor features a VESA-certified 10-bit HDR 600 nit screen with a high contrast ratio of 2000:1. It provides ample connectivity options, including HDMI, mini-DP, USB-C, and Thunderbolt ports, along with an RJ45 port.

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Eye Lasers vs. Giant Mirrors: The Funky Face-Off in AR and China’s Ambitions

by Jon Peddie

Augmented reality (AR), like virtual reality (VR), is divided into two main segments: consumer and commercial. Consumer AR glasses resemble normal spectacles and are inconspicuous. Commercial AR, which includes medical, scientific, industrial, enterprise, and …

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Intel’s GPU Market Share Mistakenly Boosted by HPC Sales

by Jon Peddie

Intel announced its win for the Argonne National Laboratory Aurora supercomputer in March 2019 and promised a performance of 1 EFLOPS by 2021. Intel said in mid-2020 that manufacturing issues had delayed the rollout …

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