AUO Showcases Advanced ALED Technologies and Partners with Ecosystem at Touch Taiwan 2022

AUO will take part in Touch Taiwan 2022 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from April 27 to 29. With “New Future with Infinite Horizon” being the theme, AUO combines advanced ALED display technologies and outstanding software/hardware integration capabilities to create an extremely simulated smart virtual studio and a flight simulator. AUO teams up with ecosystem partner, Renovatio Pictures and Brogent Technologies Inc., to overturn the video production process in the film and television (F&T) industry and build a brand-new immersive entertainment experience.

Meanwhile, AUO applies its technology integration capabilities to high-end business notebooks and handheld devices by integrating LCD module with camera and low power consumption and high color saturation Cholesteric Liquid Crystal (ChLC) respectively in order to upgrade the post-pandemic hybrid working experience. Further, AUO will showcase next-generation Micro LED and AmLED display technologies for gaming and automotive applications, as well as energy conservation and carbon reduction solutions for a circular economy and display-based solutions for medical and entertainment verticals, exhibiting extended AIoT-integrated applications in innovative sectors so as to build an industry ecosystems and provide industry-leading best solutions.

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ALED Creates Immersive Virtual Reality Experience for F&T and Attraction Industry

AUO is dedicated to the R&D and production of advanced display technologies and continually works with ecosystem partners to provide smart technologies and solutions for various industries. Considering the fierce competition in the F&T and the huge impact of the pandemic, the F&T creators are faced with immense time and cost pressure while having to speedily produce new and high-quality F&T works. AUO teams up with one of the major film and video production studios in Taiwan, Renovatio Pictures, to build an extremely simulated smart virtual studio measuring close to 8 meters in width and 4 meters in height. With AUO’s ALED technologies to independently drive and illuminate each pixel, it’s seamlessly assembled to achieve customized large-size designs and shapes, featuring no restriction in form and infinite expansion, which can replace the conventional green screen studio, while greatly reduce post-production time and props cost. Such ALED display allows actors to experience virtual immersive settings inside the studio and give their best performance.

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Images taken by on-site professional videographers will also be presented in real-time on a 108-inch display panel equipped with AUO’s exclusive A.R.T. (advanced reflectionless technology) that comes with anti-glare and anti-reflection features and brings audiences the best viewing experience on non-reflective surfaces. In future, AUO hopes to introduce smart virtual studio to Taiwan’s large exhibition venues and schools, in a bid to accelerate Taiwan’s F&T industry upgrades and transformations and to strengthen the prowess of Taiwan’s digital content value chain.

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AUO also utilizes ALED technologies for the P1.25 hemispherical assembly and combines its video processing technologies to create a flight simulator. Complemented by 6-axis dynamic driver’s seat, developed by AUO’s ecosystem partner, Brogent, the hemispherical cockpit features extreme simulated images and dynamic seating for immersive entertainment experience. The flight simulator can be applied to simulated racing facilities in the entertainment industry and to special training, such as driving, sailing and flying with simulated scenarios and training modes to quantify the training performance, which can shorten training time in accordance with precision data to achieve customized training and also lower training hazards.

AUO is capable of one-stop integration and offers a complete local LED production line. From material selection, product design to production and assembly, AUO provides comprehensive overall planning and brings world-class integrated solutions to the F&T and entertainment industry in Taiwan.

Displays Integrate Cameras and ChLC to Upgrade Hybrid Working Experience

At Touch Taiwan 2022, AUO will showcase a 15.6-inch double-screen notebook, with one of the screens using high reflection optical film, featuring the principle of the selective reflection, to display keyboard rather than the usual black screen during standby mode. Combined with touch screen functions, the display can switch to show the keyboard via a simple tap on the screen, thus accommodating more usage scenarios on the business notebooks. The display on demand application can be extended to other display monitors showing a customized standby image to blend into the surroundings as installation art with consistent aesthetics.

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AUO’s 14-inch super narrow bezel notebook screen integrates a minimized camera module with the LCD display module to effectively reduce the frame to 5.17 mm for a maximized screen-to-body ratio and maximum visual satisfaction. This excellent integration technology drastically reduces the complexity and production cost of notebook assembly while making it lighter, easier to carry around with aesthetic design, as well as satisfying the need for video conferencing for post-pandemic hybrid working and distance education.

In addition, the 7.9-inch reflective display adopts ChLC technology, which can interrupt the driving voltage after finishing static display, and uses ambient light to display the screen without any backlight. It could greatly reduce power consumption. Since no color filters and polarizers are required, its reflectivity and color saturation performs better than the commercial color e-paper display, featuring paper-like reading quality and exquisite color picture quality, supporting both energy conservation and eye care. Its future applications include the education displays and outdoor public displays.

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2022 Smart Display Innovative Application Forum will be held concurrently with the exhibition. AUO Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Wei-Lung Liau, will deliver a speech on April 27 entitled “Co-Creating the Future through Display Innovation,” and Mr. PH Lin, President of SPACE4M Inc., AUO’s subsidiary, will also deliver a speech entitled, “Innovative Digital Marketing in Fields of Retail.” We cordially welcome you to visit us at Touch Taiwan 2022 to experience the infinite possibilities of AUO’s technology and solution.


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