AUO Expands Kunshan Gen 6 LTPS Production for Notebooks and Automotive

AUO has launched production at its new Gen 6 LTPS LCD fab in Kunshan, China. The fab has a monthly capacity of over 40,000 glass substrates. This expands AUO’s production capacity in Kunshan where it opened its first Gen 6 LTPS fab in 2016.

AUO says the new fab will produce displays for notebooks, automotive applications and other niche products. The company aims to increase market share and advance its strategy of developing high-value display technologies and vertical market applications.

The Kunshan fab is AUO’s front-end panel production hub and core site for LTPS panel R&D and manufacturing. AUO claims its LTPS notebook panels hold the top global market share. The fab also makes gaming displays with up to 540 PPI pixel density and 520Hz refresh rate.

For automotive, the fab leverages LTPS energy efficiency for electric vehicle displays. AUO plans to expand in-vehicle display offerings. The Kunshan fab uses 5G, automation and other smart factory technologies. AUO states this has increased production efficiency 30%, yield 17%, and lowered energy use 40%. The fab has over 230,000 m2 of rooftop solar panels generating 23 million kWh annually. This accounts for 6% of the fab’s electricity needs. AUO says this equals a 16,800 ton/year CO2 reduction. The fab recycles 95% of water.