Athletica and Finland’s LedFoil Collaborate on Under-Ice LED Displays

LedFoil, a Finnish company that specializes in LED screen technology, has partnered with Athletica Sport Systems, a North American provider of ice rink advertising solutions. The partnership will allow LedFoil to bring its under-ice LED screen technology to ice rinks across North America.

Source: LedFoil

LedFoil’s LED screens can be used to display a variety of moving visual content, including logo carousels, videos, and animations. This will allow ice rinks to create more dynamic and engaging advertising experiences for their fans, and create interchangeable ad content for multiple revenue streams.

LedFoil’s LED screens can be customized to fit the specific needs of each ice rink. The partnership between LedFoil and Athletica Sport Systems is expected to launch in the coming months. Until now, static and permanent cardboard ads have been installed under the ice during the off-season summer months.