AR-Innovator Taqtile Featured at SXSW Army Applications Lab and Capital Factory Event

Taqtile’s augmented reality (AR)-enabled work-instruction platform, Manifest, will be showcased at the “Bots by the Bridge” exhibition during the South by Southwest event, featuring how it helps military personnel perform complex inspection and maintenance tasks. The product provides spatially anchored, step-by-step instructions with embedded multimedia content, accessed through an iPad or head-mounted device, making the completion of tasks safer, more efficient, and more accurate than using outdated paper-based processes. Manifest also provides real-time access to AR-enabled guidance from expert Army technicians, anytime and anywhere. Taqtile’s relationship with the U.S. Army demonstrates the software’s power in increasing combat readiness and chronicling soldiers’ work. The platform is platform-independent, providing flexibility for defense customers to select hardware platforms that meet their specific needs. The product is also used by other military customers, original equipment manufacturers, systems integrators, and private sector companies supporting industrial workers worldwide.

“Manifest’s ability to support Army personnel through AR-enabled technology is on full display at the ‘Bots by the Bridge’ event,” said Andrew Yakulis, Director of Corporate Ventures for AAL. “Taqtile is an important partner for us, demonstrating how we can collaborate with leading software developers to create advanced technologies that increase the readiness of our armed forces.”

Following its successful Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) initiative with AAL, Taqtile advanced to a Phase II SBIR with a scope which has expanded in recent months. Other military customers of Manifest include the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, the Royal Australian Navy, New Zealand Army, and other Allied defense forces, as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and systems integrators around the globe. Private sector companies are also benefitting from Taqtile technology, supporting industrial workers around the world at companies including Raytheon, PBC Linear, Nokia, and many others.

“Our expanding relationship with the U.S. Army demonstrates the power of Manifest and its unique ability to help military personnel complete a wide variety of complex inspection and preventative maintenance tasks,” said Mr. Kelly Malone, Chief Business Officer, Taqtile. “Manifest is a force multiplier that improves combat readiness by connecting soldiers with digital tools, providing them with just-in-time task guidance, as well as chronicling their work.”