AR Firm Meta Company Puts 65% of Its Staff on Furlough

AR headset firm Meta Company has sent 65% of its staff home for a month in the midst of the US-China trade war. Talking to Bloomberg, the company’s CEO Meron Gribetz remarked:

“The Chinese efKrQ 7r 400x400government sent an official request to our lead investor to re-evaluate the deal based on the recent actions from the Trump administration.

This was a big shock to us”.

The company launched its Meta 2 headset back in 2016. The device features 2432 × 1366 resolution, 60Hz refresh, a 90° FoV and a 720p front-facing camera. The Meta 2 Augmented Reality Development Kit retails at $1,495.

US television manufacturer Element Electronics was also forced to close last month.

Analyst Comment

The US expression that is used to describe your staff to take no pay is to put them on ‘furlough’. In the UK, we’d use the term ‘laid off’. (BR)