AR Dives into the Water with Smart Swim 2 Goggles

Form, a fitness technology company based in Vancouver, has introduced the Smart Swim 2, its latest generation of augmented reality swim goggles. This new product aims to enhance the training and performance of swimmers and triathletes through a blend of innovative features and design improvements.

The Smart Swim 2 goggles incorporate an integrated heart rate monitor positioned at the temple, designed to allow swimmers to track their heart rate directly, potentially offering a more convenient and accurate alternative to traditional methods that require additional equipment.

A notable feature of the Smart Swim 2 is the SwimStraight digital compass. This tool is intended to assist swimmers in maintaining a straighter course in open water, potentially improving navigation and efficiency. It represents an attempt by Form to address one of the common challenges faced by open water swimmers and triathletes.

In terms of design, the Smart Swim 2 goggles have been made 15% smaller in volume compared to their predecessors, aiming for a more streamlined and hydrodynamic profile. Adjustments have also been made to enhance the fit and comfort of the goggles, including new eye seals designed to accommodate a broader range of face shapes, extended temples for better stabilization, and the inclusion of five arched nose bridges to suit different users.

Form has updated its HeadCoach digital coaching technology alongside the launch of the Smart Swim 2. This technology seeks to offer real-time technique feedback and personalized workout suggestions, utilizing machine learning to analyze performance data and identify areas for improvement.

The Smart Swim 2 goggles have been approved for use in races by several triathlon organizations, indicating their compliance with certain standards required for competitive events.

Available globally, the Smart Swim 2 goggles are priced at $249.00 and come with a two-month free trial of Form Premium. This subscription service provides access to a range of additional features, including guided workouts, training plans, and the SwimStraight navigation feature.