Apple Wants to Own TV, Says Stephens

Technology journalist Mark Stephens (who writes under the pen name of Robert X Cringely) has written an interesting article about the Apple TV box, expected to be refreshed at Apple’s WWDC this month. Stephens expects the box to be UltraHD capable, but not UltraHD enabled. The distinction is important, as it means that Apple will be able to roll out such services later, when more content is available.

Speaking of content, Stephens also predicts that the box will have a whole TV ecosystem inside: not just streaming, OTT or live, but all content types. He expects the price to be higher than streaming services like Netflix, but the same or slightly lower than a basic cable package.

Stephens ends with a fairly wild prediction about 5k – read his article to find out more:

Meanwhile, other sources claim that the launch date of Apple’s TV service has slipped again, and now will not be seen until 2016.

Oh, and Gene Munster – a Piper Jaffray analyst who has been predicting an Apple TV set since the late 2000s – is back on the bandwagon, after temporarily giving up on his long-held hopes (WSJ: Apple Killed TV Project Last Year).

Munster has jumped on the latest rumours, saying, “We believe that this possible content package would remove a significant hurdle to Apple launching a standalone television… While recent media reports question Apple’s interest in an actual television, we continue to believe it is the most logical next area of focus”.