WSJ: Apple Killed TV Project Last Year

The Apple TV – by which we mean a full set, not a set-top box – has been in the rumour mill for many years. Investor Carl Icahn remains true to the dream, saying that Apple will introduce such a product – UltraHD, of course – in 2016. However, sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal say that the company shelved its TV plans more than a year ago.

Apple had been searching for stand-out features to make its TV set unique, said the WSJ’s sources. For instance, the company considered adding cameras for video calling. In the end, though, none of the features were considered compelling enough to justify entering such a competitive market.

Despite this, Icahn stuck to his guns, predicting (in an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, no less) that Apple would enter two new markets: electric cars by 2020 and TVs in 2016.

Icahn expects the TV to be available in 55″ and 65″ sizes, generating almost $15 billion in revenue in fiscal 2016 on sales of 10 million units.

Apple is widely expected to show its updated Apple TV STB at its Worldwide Developer Conference next month.

Gene Munster, a Piper Jaffray analyst who has been predicting an Apple TV launch (always “next year”) since 2009, finally gave up on his personal crusade following this news. He said, “We incorrectly assumed that a combination of Siri, Facetime, a TV app store and PrimeSense-based motion control could be compelling enough as a unique feature set”.
Munster has, of course, already turned to his next Apple prediction, forecasting AR/VR products within the next five years. (TA)