Q1 is “Very Encouraging” for US LFDs

US sales of commercial-grade large-format (32″+) displays rose 14% YoY in Q1’15, according to new data from PMA Research. The results could have been even higher without the harsh weather conditions and labour disputes in West Coast ports impacting supply.

LFD use is on the rise in airportsMultiple market segments enjoyed gains in Q1. Shipments of displays for 24/7 use almost doubled compared to Q1’14 – partly due to the rising use of digital signage in airports and network operations centres. Ultra-narrow bezel models also rose; use of these models is increasing in retail and advertising applications. Finally, PMA recorded a 50% rise in the use of media players with flat-panel displays.

Screen sizes continue to grow, although the professional segment was dominated by smaller models. 40″ – 49″ units had a market share of more than 50% in March.

“Manufacturers continue to sell the advantages of commercial-grade glass, the longer warranties, covering 18- to 24-hour daily operation”, said PMA’s Rosemary Abowd. “We see additional growth in professional models in April with a 2% increase over March’s lofty levels. Even more significant, year-over-year sales were up 46% and revenues were up 55% from April 2014. These are very encouraging signs for the business”.