Apple, Valve and LG Don’t Invest in eMagin!


After eMagin announced a new offering of stock, there were wide reports that investors included Apple, LG and Valve. (eMagin Announces Price of Underwritten Public Offering) However, the company put out a special release that said that this was not accurate and that it was not aware of any holdings by those companies.

eMagin’s flagship 2,048 x 2,048 OLED microdisplay offers a ~70% fill factor, low persistence capabilities, a high frame-rate and global illumination. Details of the product on the eMagin website shows a brightness of 500cd/m², though the documentation filed with the SEC mentions a version with a brightness of 5,300cd/m².

Analyst Comment

Ooops – I can imaging the calls from Apple’s notorious PR department! (BR)