Apple Rounds Up Luxshare, Foxconn, TSMC, and Sony to Make AR Device

A clearer picture is emerging of what is going into the making of Apple’s competitor to Meta’s Quest. It may be that we have to look no further than Sony’s PSVR2.

Nikkei Asia is reporting that people familiar with the project are saying that existing Apple contract manufacturers, Luxshare Precision Industry, and Foxconn are helping on the project, and that TSMC and Sony are developing the OLED displays for the device.

For Luxshare, this comes after the company’s founder had spoken earlier in the month about the need to extend its business beyond consumer electronics because of the realignments taking place in the global supply chain. Luxshare makes everything from cables to connectors and subsystems for servers, computers, and automotive.

It’s interesting that Sony is getting in on the build for the OLED displays. The PSVR2 has been getting rave reviews and a lot has been said about the two 2000×2040 OLED displays with fresnel lenses. It seems to be meeting all expectations for the headset in terms of usability, quality of image, and personalization for ease of viewing and comfort. There isn’t another VR headset on the market right now with OLED lenses. The only disconnect here is that Apple’s rumored to be coming in with a $3,000 headset and Sony’s PSVR2 is a $549.99 price.