Apple Notches Best MacBook Quarter Ever as Notebook Market Declines in Q3 2022, Says Strategy Analytics

Inflation, recession, and slow growth are short term issues hurting consumer and commercial notebook demand while other factors like currency fluctuation, high unemployment, and political issues will put more pressure on spending during the holiday season and early 2023. As a result, Notebook PCs continued to struggle this year as shipments declined -15% compared to last year, according to a new report by Strategy Analytics.

Looming global economic challenges will likely have an impact on manufacturing and logistic costs.

Chirag Upadhyay, Industry Analyst said, “The commercial segment continued to perform better for most vendors compared to the pre-pandemic level as upgrades continued across businesses, while consumer volume continued to be challenging for all vendors except Apple. Apple had a great quarter for MacBook PCs shipments and revenue, as they managed to deliver backlog orders which were mainly upgrades, plus MacBooks with the new M2 chipset driving sales across several regions.”

Eric Smith, Director – Connected Computing added, “One of the constants throughout the pandemic was Chromebook demand as many K-12 schools in developed markets rapidly deployed mobile computing devices for their student populations. Learning management platforms remain and are expected to drive sustained demand over the long-term, but Chromebook demand is shadow of what it was a year ago. Compare the first nine months of 2022 to the same period last year, and you’ll see that Chromebook shipments have dropped nearly 16 million units at a -51% growth rate.”

  • Lenovo remains on top spot with 23% market share and 12.8 million units in Q3 2022 (calendar year); this represented a -16% decline from the 15.3 million shipped the year prior and flat compared to the previous quarter
  • HP secured second position with 17% market share and 9.5 million shipments in the third quarter, a -32% decline compared to the similar period last year
  • Dell maintained the third position and importantly closed the gap with HP; during Q3 2022, Dell’s shipments reached over nine million units at a -25% year-on-year decline
  • Apple was the only vendor to deliver positive results among top 7 personal computing vendors as shipments reached 8.1 million units (26% year-on-year growth) during the quarter
  • Asus secured the fifth spot with nearly 8% market share as they managed to ship 4.3 million notebook PCs, a -16% decline year-over-year

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