Apple Hides UltraHD Feature

The developers of a Mac video upload app, Waltr, have found that the A8 processors in Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can playback UltraHD video. Apple has not even mentioned this feature; original source The Unofficial Apple Weblog speculates that this is because the company plans to integrate the playback with the next generation of the Apple TV STB.

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This news comes after many analysts believe that Apple is leaving the TV business alone. Some have speculated that Apple will not refresh the Apple TV box, as it is not going forward with their TV plans at all. If this discovery by Softorino really is the basis for the next Apple TV hardware generation, then Apple will be pretty much on top of the next big thing in TV home entertainment (UltraHD TV, that is). Of course, we still have to see how good the UltraHD stream of any broadband solution will be, even with the H.265 codec. (NH)