AOTO will Showcase All-in-One LED Solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the first exhibition after Christmas, will return to Las Vegas from January 5 to 8, 2022. AOTO will demonstrate SID and CV All-in-one cutting-edge LED Solutions mainly for Conference rooms, Showroom, Ballroom, Home Theatre, and Education etc. Find the company at Booth No.18161.

AOTO intelligent all-in-one system, span common projection screen sizes ranging from 108 to 180 inches in size, with six different options available. In response to complaints on the market that the appearance of all in one device is relatively inflexible and heavy, we developed these products. The simplicity and generosity design makes AOTO intelligent all-in-one LED solutions more popular and widely accepted, it has a 6mm ultra-thin frame and a 19.8mm cabinet thickness, entire weight is 40 percent less than competitor products. Incorporating the panel’s effective integration with the AI system, it allows for accurate adjustment of the appropriate viewing brightness via a mobile phone.

It has been demonstrated that the AOTO all-in-one LED display is an excellent choice for meeting rooms and more varied applications. There is no compromise on visual quality with LED panels in indoor environment. AOTO LED screen can produce stunning image quality, exquisite pictures with a high contrast ratio, engaging brightness, and vibrant color. Due to the independent modular, unlimited splicing nature of allows for displays to be extra-wide, similar to that of a movie screen.

One of the most significant advantages is the convenience LED screen provide. AOTO’s all-in-one LED display is capable of delivering a display system that is both stable and noise-free in operation. The product incorporates many intelligent features, such as touch writing, electronic white boarding and remote-control capabilities, people can use the display to quickly recap the previous session, or they can use the touch-out functionality to sync their personal devices with the screen in order to share content in real time.

Furthermore, LED screens are simple to set up, and the ability to move around is one of the key advantages of using it. Because of its light weight and ultra-thin design, it is very portable and can be moved from one location to another with relative ease. Furthermore, it does not necessitate a significant amount of time for installation, replacement, or comprehensive cleaning.

It can help to build a visual experience that is both intelligent and immersive, so improving the overall user experience.

If consumers are interested with these amazing products; welcome to come to the booth to experience it.

About AOTO

AOTO Electronics Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: AOTO Electronics; stock code: 002587), founded in 1993. It specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and professional services of LED products, which cover XR studios, transportation, conference rooms, digital media, sports, events, control rooms, and other applications. It also manufactures banking technology products for the finance system. Over the past two decades, AOTO Electronics has grown to include 17 member companies spread across America, Europe, and Asia.