Aoto Moves MiniLED to Generation 2 for HDR

Just as Unilumin uses the ROE brand for its rental business, Aoto has acquired GTek and that means that AOTO can focus on fixed installation projects.

Aoto showed us its ‘2nd generation’ miniLED displays which have a pixel pitch of 0.9mm and integrated 24 bit driving (and was also shown at ISE). The CLD81 LED display was shown in a FullHD configuration with an 81″ diagonal and the company told us that the display is built on a new packaging system that combines four LEDs on a single board with the individual LEDs at <100μm The display produces 800 cd/m² of output. The LEDs have a black ‘nano-surface’ which helps to boost contrast and the display can support both HLG and HDR10 for HDR display. The company also told us that the LEDs have a common cathode driving scheme and output of the displays is in the range of 600 – 800 cd/m².

DSC07146The four LEDs in a group structure is clear in this close up. Image:Meko

The firm was also showing the 108″ monolithic display that it has previously shown. Aoto also had the CLD54 1.5mm pitch miniLED display in a 54″ diagonal with 768 x 432.

DSC07152The miniLED was also shown in a 54″ display. Image:Meko

It also had its outdoor 2.8mm pitch LEDs which are rated to IP67 and which can produce 5,500 cd/m² of output. It is very waterproof, as you can see from the image which shows the display mostly under water!

DSC07153This demo showed how waterproof the AOTO display is. Image:Meko

Aoto has its own controllers and the company was keen to show that it has received a number of patents for its technology and doesn’t want to be seen as a ‘me too’ supplier. We didn’t look at the patents, but they may also have been in relation to common cathode driving, which is patented by Silicon Core (although there is more than one way of doing it).

Control room applications are a key target market for the firm and the company told us that projects typically take 200 – 300 m² with 1.8mm or 2.5mm pitch.

DSC07150Aoto was keen to show that it has patents! Image:Meko