AOC Takes Philips Tech for Low Blue Light

Apparently in the belief that LCD monitors can have harmful effects on the eye, AOC has launched two low-blue-light and flicker-free products: the E2276VWM6 and E2476VWM6. Blue light suppresses melatonin, which causes drowsiness, and has been linked to macular degeneration. Flicker causes eye fatigue – especially at low brightness levels.

AOC uses the same Soft Blue technology used in Philips’ 241P6 (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 36). Soft Blue changes the wavelength of blue light from the ‘harmful’ 380-450nm band to 460nm+, which lowers blue light output from the display by up to 90%, without affecting colour fidelity

The new monitors are 21.5″ (E2276VWM6) and 23.6″ (E2476VWM6). Both feature TN panels with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 170 deg /160 deg viewing angles and a 1,000:1 contrast ratio. Response time is 2ms/1ms, respectively. The monitors have 250 cd/m² of brightness and feature MHL-HDMI and VGA ports. They are available now, for £90 ($140) (21.5″) and £110 ($175) (23.6″) ex VAT.

Display Daily Comment

We conducted an interview with Stefan Sommer of Philips, which you can watch at, about the Soft Blue technology earlier this year. (TA)