Analogix ANX7580 Display Controller Empowers LG Dual Screen Handheld Mobile Applications

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. announced that its SlimPort® ANX7580 DisplayPort™ to MIPI-DSI display controller has been implemented in multiple devices, the most recent being the LG V60 ThinQ and the Dual Screen, as well as in various handheld PC gaming devices.

With a 4-lane DisplayPort1.4 input and 4 MIPI lanes for a single panel, the ANX7580 connects to graphics processing units (GPUs), both embedded and discreet, and to MIPI displays used in dual clamshell display applicationstoday. These applications benefit from the following ANX7580 key advantages:

  • Support for DisplayPort and embedded DisplayPort (eDP);
  • Support for ARM, x86, and other computing architectures;
  • High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) support such as video content protection and Hi-Fi audio;
  • Small footprint (4×4 mm2) and low power (<150mW) architecture;
  • Turn-key reference design for fast time-to-market.

“Innovation and refinement drive our roadmap to create products that enable our OEM customers’ success,” said Michael Ching, vice president of marketing at Analogix. “They can create differentiated dual screen applications to satisfy the most extreme multitaskers. One can open independent applications on either screen or extend an application across both screens. Gamers can use one screen as a control pad, while multitaskers can work with two apps simultaneously. An advantage of this form factor is that the dual screen accessory can be put on when needed and slid the phone out of when not.”

The ANX7580 is in mass production.

About Analogix Semiconductor

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. designs and manufactures semiconductors for the digital multimedia market, from portable devices such as smartphones, notebooks, and AR/VR head mounted displays, to large, high-definition TVs and high-end graphics cards. Analogix is the market leader in providing end-to-end interface connectivity semiconductor solutions for DisplayPort under its SlimPort brand, including high-speed signal conditioners, and an industry leader in display panel controllers, such as low-power, high-speed timing controller solutions. The DisplayPort standard is an innovative, packetized digital interface for high-resolution video and audio that was developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). SlimPort branded products are compliant with DisplayPort, Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP), and DisplayPort Alternate Mode over the USB Type-C connector.