An Update on LED Displays

LED Inside has published article that talks about the differences between fine pitch LED, miniLED and microLED. The blog sees products with pitch of 1.2mm (e.g. Sony Cledis) or 2.5mm like Samsung’s Cinema LED as being in the fine pitch LED category, being used for large displays. It categorises the main problem of the fine pitch LED technology is bringing together multiple industries to form a supply chain.

The blog characterises miniLED as being, for now, a technology for back-lit LCDs that can give much more fine grained control of backlights. It suggests that as many as ‘tens of thousands” of these could be used in a TV, with even 5″ smartphone displays having 9,000 or 10,000. Some companies are developing miniLED technology as a stepping stone to microLED.

The blog believes that it will be years before microLED becomes commercialised because there are so many developments (and we have previously reported that the fragmentation of the supply chain is a key concern for Yole Développment which has been researching this area)

Yole presented this timeline at the Display Summit. MicroLED could still crash and burn.

Analyst Comment

In my Display Daily this week, (OLED Has My Heart, But LCD Still Has my Head), I said that I expected to see something dramatic from Samsung’s TV engineers at the forthcoming CES. If I had to pick a single innovation that may be seen, it’s the use of miniLED in LCD backlights reduce the black level and to eliminate, or dramatically reduce, the halo effect that has caused trouble for Samsung when its LCDs are compared to LG’s OLEDs. (BR)