Amino Rolls Out Smart Home to Non-IP Customers

Multiscreen solutions were the highlight of Amino’s stand. The company is an IPTV specialist and was highlighting the technology’s distribution capabilities.

Amino was showcasing an UltraHD HEVC platform using its Aminet software, as well as the Live Advanced Media Platform and Premium Connect solution. The latter two products are used for multi-stream recording and multi-screen content distribution, respectively.

Amino’s Home Reach service was on show. This is a cloud-based home monitoring and control solution, with a UI, mobile apps and operator admin tools. The Amino Hub was being demonstrated, which operators can use to deploy home monitoring services to broadband customers, who do not have an IPTV box as part of their package.

Finally, the H150 is a new IPTV device, designed for the hospitality and signage markets. The box uses a dual-core Broadcom SoC and has access to Amino’s own TV app store. It can decode 1920 x 1080 content and supports picture-in-picture functionality.

1GB of RAM and 256MB of flash storage are installed in the H150, running Linux. HDMI, USB and RJ45 (supporting power over ethernet) ports are featured. Amino will begin selling the box in June.