Amimon’s Latency-Free HDMI Replaces Analogue for Drone Racing

Image: The IndependentAmimon is a company specialising in latency-free wireless HD video transmission (the technology is called Connex), and has now unveiled an HDMI product. The Connex ProSight HD Vision Kit is intended for the growing drone racing market, and consists of an HD camera, transmitter and receiver. The camera-to-receiver link has a maximum (wireless) latency of 26ms at 60fps. It will be available in June, as a bundle, for $500.

Analyst Comment

Until now, drone racers have relied on analogue cameras due to their lower latency. (TA)

Since the effective victory of WiGIG as the future of mainstream wireless display technology, Amimon has been re-positioning its technology in specialist segments including broadcast. (BR)