AMD Working with eMagin on 4K VR

AMD is working with eMagin to develop a ‘4K’ VR display according to Roy Taylor of AMD, who is effusive about the quality in the video below.

Check out, also, this video, where Taylor talks about the importance of resolution in VR and the need to avoid visible pixels. He also confirms that AMD and eMagin have been collaborating since early in 2015.

emagin 4K headseteMagin’s 4K headset

Check this video at about 3:00 minutes in for comments about eMagin

Analyst Comment

eMagin put out a release that said that at the Augmented World Expo Asia held September 24 and 25, 2016, in Xi’an China it was incorrectly reported that eMagin is working with The Ginwa Investment Group and the Administrative Committee of Xi’an Hi-tec zone in a joint venture to promote augmented reality in China. eMagin said that it is not actively engaged in any cooperative activities with those organisations and does not have any formal obligation to do so. (BR)