All Moscow Schools to be Cloud Connected Within Two Years

By the end of 2018, every school in Moscow will be connected via a cloud-based platform which is claimed will “revolutionise the entire concept of education”.

The Moscow Online School pilot project began in 2016 in six public schools. Teachers and students have been able to access a range of resources and tools via the cloud, including textbooks, assignments, tests, presentations, videos and lesson scenarios, while parents are provided with the means to track their child’s performance.

Laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots were installed in every classroom, and conventional whiteboards replaced with Ultra HD interactive multi-touch displays.

Now, the goal is to implement the same equipment in all remaining schools in the country within the next two years. Figures released by the Moscow authorities have shown a 15% increase in academic performance and an 88% reduction in administration costs at the schools participating in the pilot project.

Parents are also able to enrol their children via the platform, while children already attending can sign up for after-school activities and groups. The schools’ cafeterias have also implemented cashless payments for pupils, with parentsedu able to track their child’s expenses from home, as well as being notified when their child enters or leaves the school building.