Alienware Gaming Notebooks Power VR

Dell has launched gaming notebooks suitable for VR use under the Alienware brand. The new notebooks feature Nvidia GeForce GTX 10 series GPUs and are claimed to have 85% better performance than the previous generation. The Alienware 17 has an option for support of Tobii’s eye tracking technology. The Tobii camera can detect the user’s gaze, allow them to record and export their gaze pattern as a coaching tool to help improve gameplay. It can also sense presence and attention to understand when users engage with various elements of the device or lock the system when they walk away.

There are 17″, 15″ and 13″ R3 versions and they have Full HD or optional UltraHD (17″ and 15″) or 3200 x 1800 displays (13″) and will be available at the end of September (15″ and 17″) or November (13″). The 15″ will have optional support for 120Hz display refresh and G-Sync support.