Alfalite Showcasing Advanced LED Panels for Virtual Production

Alfalite, a European LED screen manufacturer, will be participating in NAB Show 2023 alongside its partner FOR-A. During the event, which takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 16 to 19, Alfalite will showcase its Modularpix Pro VP XR LED panels designed for virtual production environments across various sectors, including Broadcast, Film, Advertising, Hybrid Events, Corporate, and Education.

Source: Alfalite

The two companies recently formed a strategic partnership allowing FOR-A, a Japanese company, to market Alfalite’s screens in APAC, EMEA, NA, and LATAM territories, thereby offering turnkey solutions in remote presence, virtual production, and broadcast studios.

At the NAB Show, Alfalite will display its Modularpix Pro VP XR panels, which boast a 1.9-millimeter pixel pitch, over 1,800 nits of brightness, 9,840Hz refresh rate, 86.22% color gamut coverage of REC.2020, HDR10+, 240Hz multicam, and an energy-efficient average power consumption of 140W/m2. The ceiling panels offer 6,000 nits of brightness and lighting parameters tailored for scene coverage.

Equipped with ORIM (optical resin injection module) technology, the LED panels offer improved precision between modules (<0.5mm) and a 175º horizontal and vertical viewing angle, allowing for filming even from extreme camera angles. These panels are suitable for virtual or mixed reality productions, broadcasting, film, series, or advertising applications.

LED panels incorporating ORIM technology also provide superior antistatic electricity protection (ESD > 10kV), enhanced thermal dissipation parameters, and excellent resistance to impacts, liquids, chemicals, and fire (UL94 compliant). Furthermore, these panels are easy to clean, have reduced wear and tear, and offer the shortest repair times in the market.