After $10 Million worth of Pre-Orders, Portabl (ex-Slidenjoy Startup) Started Shipping Their Revolutionary Triple Screens for Laptops.

Portabl, that developed the world’s first slide-out triple monitors extension on a single USB cable, started deliveries after remaining 18 months in silence to counter the attempted theft of their technology.

While the company registered over $10 million dollars worth of pre-orders before the first product was even delivered, founders have spent the last 10 days hand delivering their first clients personally in 6 European countries.

“2 slide-out extra monitors, instantly working on any laptop with a single cable, so you can work from anywhere” is the deal that seduced over 16.000 people and generated 150 million views on videos. To meet today’s new standards, most employees work with a laptop and balance 2 to 3 days a week working from home, while 99% of companies still equip their workspaces and staff with boring black, white or grey desktop monitors, not easy to bring home.

“Reinventing portability is our corporate mission since day 1” say Laurent We?ry, Charlee Jeunehomme and Thomas Castro, the 3 co-founders. “Improving the everyday life of millions of laptop users around the world by offering them more portability and efficiency on-the-go with our Slide, a tool that is extremely easy to use, helping anyone equipped with a laptop to work comfortably from anywhere, playing a role in today’s new standards, whether it’s for health or ecological reasons.”

3 years of R&D have been necessary to conceive and design the architecture of the Synergy System communication protocol (Portabl® Synergy System), the electronic board and the technology that make it a world first, combining 2 power cables and 2 video signal cables through a single USB cable as well as the permanent data and power Constant Stream (Portabl® Constant Stream) system allowing 2 full-HD screens to slide to the left and right of any laptop screen, without any display break.

Contrary to what a billion dollar company might have offered by releasing a product of this kind, the team announced that their Slide is the only mass-produced electronic/hardware device in the world to be hyper- customizable. Its colors, coatings, finishing materials (carbon, leather, …) and backlit logo can be customized without any limits to the image of companies, offering their employees a new high-quality visual space never exploited, entirely made of premium materials.

Portabl, which has cut off all public communication for the past 18 months, decided to reveal everything), in a Medium post a few hours ago (available below). The attempted theft of their technology by their former Chinese partner, their defense in NY court on a patent they weren’t even infringing, and many other points before admitting that such a project should have been conducted by a Billion Dollar Company (such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, ..) instead of being developed from scratch like they did.

If the Slide has managed to attract interest and orders over time from entities such as NASA, Harvard, the U.S. Navy, the French army, Amazon, Tinder and other huge companies, it can only be because of the everyday problems it solves.

The first tests, reviews and unboxing of the Slides received by their customers have started to pop up all over the networks over the past few days, demonstrating an incredible user experience.

The company unveiled the arrival of new completely different products already developed, that will surprise the world even more.

Product specifications

  • Connectivity : 1 USB-C or 1 USB 3.0 or 2 USB 3.0 / 2.0
  • Finishes : Lava Red, Pure White, Graphite Black, Sweet Pink Gold, Carbon fiber, Azur Blue, Magnetic Silver, Cosmopolitan Gold
  • Compatibility : MacOs (10.8 onwards, M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max), Windows (7 onwards), Android (5.0 Lollipop onwards) and Ubuntu (14.10 onwards)
  • Size : 257mm depth x 378mm width x 20mm thick
  • Screen thickness : <6mm.
  • Technology : Displaylink
  • Weight : From 2kg
  • Panel size : 13,3inch in 16:9
  • True Resolution : 1920x1080p
  • Display Surface : Anti-Glare
  • Pixel Pitch : 0.179mm
  • Contrast Ratio (Max) : 800:1
  • Refresh rate : 60 Hz