Adobe Pushes its “Digital Experience Management”

Tobias Reiss of Adobe explained that the firm does not only make tools for content creation but also has ‘digital experience management’ software.

Challenges with digital signage can mean different agencies creating content for different media and that slows things in project development. There can be a mis-match between the website CMS and the digital signage CMS and that can cause also cause delays. The analytics for online and web are probably based on different systems,

Adobe Reiss

You need tools to manage a connected experience and Adobe has those tools in its AEM (Adobe Experience Management) platform. However, most vendors are are still in a ‘kiosk/apps’ way of thinking.

Kiosks need to integrate with mobile devices and exploit (e.g. social media) and also need to integrate with customer information. For example, wouldn’t it be useful to have a digital customer check in so that you know who you are dealing with?

Reiss showed how Adobe software could be used, integrating a mobile device and a fixed display. He “swiped” an image of a car from a mobile device onto a large screen so that a customer and sales person could look at details and share on the touch screen. Adobe has the tools to do this.

Turning to the player, Reiss said that Adobe has software that can support “lots of screens” and multiple screens. The software can support systems with iOS, macOS, Android, Windows and Samsung SSP (beta). It also has scheduled playlists.