ADL Researchers Examine Auto-Stereo 3D

The SID held an event in London at the end of June, investigating different approaches to glass-free 3D displays. This consisted of researchers from Nanyang Technological University’s Advanced Display Laboratory discussing three types of 3D display: computational multi-layer; head tracked; and super multiview.

Multi-layer displays are a type of light field implementation, where an original scene is reproduced in a hologram-like manner but without using holographic techniques. The ADL is currently working on addressing issues with depth, resolution and real-time operation.

Head tracked displays are simpler, requiring only a single stereo pair of displays. Two systems were on show at the event, developed from the MUTED and HELIUM3D projects. Finally are super multiview displays; these are simple to build but trade resolution for viewing angles. ADL is working to overcome this deficiency using fast displays and beam-steering methods.