Acer Switches Gears

Acer showed off five new products: three notebooks, an UltraHD monitor and a home cinema projector. Its announcements began with the ‘ultra-affordable’ Switch V 10 and Switch One 10. As the names imply, both of these are 10″ (IPS panels) hybrid devices, with a detachable keyboard.

Acer Switch V10 convertibleBoth Switch models run Windows 10 using quad-core Atom processors. The Switch V 10 has a USB-C port and a touch screen; the display uses antimicrobial Gorilla Glass. A fingerprint reader is also built in. It will be available in 32GB and 64GB configurations and can be paired with a keyboard dock, for an additional 500GB of HDD storage and two USB-A ports. It will cost $250 and be launched in Q3. Acer was not clear on what is different about the Switch One 10. It will be launched in July for $200.

Another notebook, in 14″ (P249) and 15.6″ (P259) sizes, was launched as part of the Travelmate P2 series. It is a more premium unit, featuring sixth-generation Intel Core processors, Geforce 940M discrete graphics and up to 32GB of storage. Both sizes have 1920 x 1080 resolution and have three separate video outputs. Windows 10 Pro, a fingerprint reader and TPM 2.0 are installed. It will be launched in Q4, (August in EMEA and China) for $600.

The Travelmate notebook is designed for business, and so is Acer’s BM320 monitor. This 32″ UltraHD display covers 100% of Adobe RGB and Rec.709 and 90% of DCI-P3; it also supports 10-bit colour depth and is factory-calibrated for a Delta E of <2. Uniformity Compensation is built in to reduce uneven brightness and colour. The monitor has an ergonomic stand and thin bezels.

The V9800 DLP projector was Acer’s last product, with native UltraHD resolution and coverage of Rec.709. A six-segment colour wheel is used to reduce rainbow effects. A launch date and price were unavailable during Computex.

Acer also discussed its ‘BeingWare’ vision, which covers the IoT for vertical applications, such as automotive use.