Absen Upgrades M2.9 Rental LEDs

Absen has updated its M2.9 rental LED panel, launched a year ago, to the new M2.9 Pro product which is optimised for rental and staging. The new version continues the fast building time, based on a patented locking system that is claimed to reduce set up time by 50% compared to traditional approaches. The panel uses black SMD panels with a contrast ratio of 7,500:1 in a 168 x 168 pixel cabinet (500 x 500 x 96 mm) that can be stacked to create a ±5° concave or convex screen surface without the need for any additional tools or accessories.

The new version has improved integrated processing that supports ’18bit+’ processing and ClearView technology to optimise contrast as well as SmartGamma. Each cabinet weighs 8.6kg.

thumb Absen M29 Pro