ABI Predicts $60 Billion Revenue for Enterprise Wearables

Analysts at ABI Research estimate that wearable devices for enterprise, including smartwatches and smart glasses, will top $60 billion by 2022, representing a CAGR of over 41%.

This prediction has been attributed to the rise in the development and popularity of enterprise wearables, increasing productivity by providing hands-free information and communication solutions for employees.

However, the report also raised concerns regarding the security implications of using such devices. Stephanie Lawrence, Research Analyst at ABI Research, said,

“Enterprise wearables have access to large amounts of company and customer data, that employees need to access when they’re away from the office.

EMM solutions provide several layers of security to the devices, applications, and data to ensure that if the device is lost, stolen, or hacked, sensitive company and customer information is not put at risk”.

Security measures for wearables being implemented at the moment include encryption, authentication protocols and remote access, allowing employers to wipe devices of sensitive data in the event that they’re lost or stolen.

42Gears, Augmate, Hipaax, SOTI, and VMware have devised secure EMM platforms that provide such features.