A Fab by Any Other Name….

By Bob Raikes

OLEDNet, the blog run by UBI Research has said that it believes that Samsung will make its next OLED plant, the A4 line of a G7 line, based on Samsung’s naming system, which tends to add an E to lines that are the same generation. So, if the A4 line was to be G6, like the A3 line, it would be called A3E.

Choon Hoon Yi said that although LTPS has not been used for volume production of OLEDs above G6, Samsung has used LTPS in a G8 fab to make some 55″ OLED panels. He also pointed to developments by DNP, which makes the fine metal masks (FMMs) for Samsung. Although details of the developments have not been publicised, he has speculated that this could mean masks being possible at half G7 size. He also said that Samsung needs to stay ahead of competitors who could now come into the market at G6.

ubi oled developmentsUBI summarised Samsung’s OLED developments. Click for higher resolution

Analyst Comment

Well, I’ve heard less convincing arguments for a conclusion, but not many! However, it may be that the analyst knows something, but is not allowed to say it directly. In this case, a crazy ‘speculation’ might be one way to release the information. We’ll see… (BR)