Klatz Shows Smartbracelet

Source: klatz

Wearable – We have talked about wearables in all forms and functions but now Klatz, a Delaware-based start-up company, is proposing a smartbracelet that acts not only as a timepiece, but also as a smartphone handset. The device is also called Klatz and works via a bluetooth connection as an extension of the users smartphone.

Source: klatz

The device is a bracelet that has an LED display on one side to show the time and messages, while the other side holds a large curved battery that allows for a 10 day usage time.

When opened, the bracelet also acts as a handset that allows users to receive phone calls from their smartphone. (If James Bond needs a phone that may just be the way to go. Maybe they can even throw in a laser.)

The Klatz is available in two colors, black and red, which is said to make it appealing to both sexes. As a fashion device this may just be a little too simple, but the manufacturing process could require the company to focus on as few models as possible.

The company also started an Indiegogo campaign for a total of $140,000, of which only $10,521 was pledged after eight days. Not a great start so far. The device will be offered for $149 or for $99 as an early bird special on Indiegogo. – Norbert Hildebrand