56% of US Adults own a Streaming Enabled TV

IAB Research has released “The Changing TV Experience: 2017” report and this reveals that 56% of US adults own a streaming-enabled TV, which is (coincidentally) a rise of 56% from 2015. The report also reveals that 92% of adults own a TV and 46% of their TV watching time is spent on traditional linear programming, with 20% dedicated to watching streaming digital video. Another fact has emerged which is that 50% of US viewers would rather watch adverts than pay for a TV subscription when streaming video on TV, which is up 14% compared to 2015.

Among the US adults that own streaming enabled TVs, 46% watch it daily, which is a rise from 32% from 2015. US adults view programmes via DVRs 15% of the time, use VoD 6% of the time, and watch downloaded video 5% of the time. This leaves 8% of viewing time uncategorised.

It is also reported that 44% of US adults find commercials during digital video less intrusive than those during traditional linear programming, which is a 6% increase since 2015. Also, 34% say that commercials themselves now offer a better experience, which is a rise of 48% since 2015.

Multitasking on a second device also continues to be very common. Multitasking when watching digital video is 72%, and during traditional linear viewing is 81%. The smartphone is the most popular multitasking extra device being used and 58% use it during traditional linear viewing and 56% during digital video streaming.