Display Industry Leaders to Discuss Technology Trends Disrupting the TV Market during annual Display Week Business Conference

The Society for Information Display (SID), together with Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), announced today that leading display industry executives and analysts will be gathering in Los Angeles at the Display Week Business Conference (May 22) to discuss the outlook for TV markets and technologies such as OLED, quantum dots (QD) and QLED, High Dynamic Range (HDR), ultra-high definition (UHD) and more.

The Business Conference kicks off the Business Track that runs through Display Week, which will be held this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center from May 21-26.

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The fast-growing, large-size TV category is poised for even faster growth with waves of Gen 10.5 capacity coming on-line in the next several years from multiple suppliers. At 2,940 mm x 3,370 mm, Gen 10.5 is the largest LCD glass substrate available, efficiently enabling the manufacture of 65- and 75-inch TV panels. These large sizes will drive higher performance in resolution, color, contrast, brightness, viewing angle and other performance metrics.

JobsOhio is debuting as a sponsor of the Display Week Business Conference, and will participate in a panel session about the industry and the opportunity this affords domestically, as well as to the State of Ohio. “Interest in display industry manufacturing in the United States continues to grow, and we believe there is no better destination for this industry to thrive than Ohio,” said Ted Griffith, Managing Director, Information Technology & Logistics, JobsOhio. “Sponsoring the SID/DSCC Business Conference is an opportunity to meet with industry leaders and showcase what the advantages are of doing business here. We look forward to sharing how Ohio’s resources, location, talent and long-standing record of success make it the best location for a successful U.S. display manufacturing hub.”

“This is an exciting time for the display market,” notes SID President, Yong-Seog Kim. “Those of us at SID have the privilege of regularly getting early peeks at new display technologies and ongoing advancements – and since we have to remain agnostic, we actively support and encourage companies from across the globe. That being said, we also would welcome seeing an uptick in display manufacturing here in the U.S., which has lost ground over the years. The interest we’re hearing from JobsOhio about the state becoming a display manufacturing hub is very promising – and I guarantee that this is just one of several exciting topics to be covered during the Business Conference. We’re pleased to be teaming with DSCC in bringing this and many other critical issues needed to advance the display industry to full view for attendees, not only domestically but also on a global scale.”

Beyond Gen 10.5 manufacturing capacity developments, perhaps one of the biggest technology topics facing the high-end TV market is the battle between OLED TV and LCD TV with QD, or QLED. The Business Conference will highlight speakers from both camps, with LG Display’s Bryan Huh and Samsung’s Steve Panosian presenting in the afternoon session, and sharing the stage for what’s sure to be a lively Q&A panel discussion.

This session of the Business Conference will draw out the main technology and market trends in TV, and include the following presenters:

After these presentations, there will be a panel Q&A session, including:

In addition to the session focused on TVs, many of the speakers for the Business Conference’s day-long agenda will discuss technologies addressing the TV market:

The SID Business Conference is sponsored by Corning, Merck, Applied Materials, Cynora, UDC and JobsOhio. For more information on the agenda, please visit Conference fees include lunch, refreshments, access to the Display Week exhibit hall and Tuesdaymorning keynotes, along with electronic copies of the presentation material and admission to the Monday evening networking reception.