3M Shows New Solutions for Today’s Displays at Display Week

By Isaac Oburu

As displays for consumer electronics, automotive and other industries continue to evolve, so do the challenges. 3M – a leader in making displays brighter and more energy efficient, thinner and more durable – addresses these challenges with new solutions, shown this week at the Society of Information Display’s Display Week.

AR/VR ‘Screen Door Effect’
Augmented and virtual reality devices have the promise to provide the user with an immersive experience. However, this immersive experience can come at the cost of creating a visual artifact where you can see individual pixels, like looking through a screen door. 3M has developed a new film that is designed to vastly improve this issue. The Screen Door Effect is muted while the overall viewing experience is improved.

Automotive Displays
Driver distraction and safety may be improved with better displays in automobiles. 3M has several solutions for this demanding environment, including a new louver-less film that shows content exclusively to the driver or just to the passenger. Also featured is a new solution for a head-up display that can be seen even in bright sunshine and with polarized sunglasses.

Sense Without Being Seen
Optical sensors proliferate in our lives: on smartphones, cameras and vehicles. Now 3M has a solution that can camouflage sensors within their environment, whether it’s wood, leather, white, black or patterned. The new camouflage sensor film makes it easy to add sensors without ruining the clean lines of your design.

New TV Incentive Program
Learn more about the energy expectations for televisions sold in the United States starting in Spring 2018. Utilities are offering incentives to retailers for every TV sold that meets these new requirements. 3M offers solutions that can increase the energy efficiency while delivering great visual quality, with the brightness and visual quality consumers expect.

Address ‘visual hacking’ with 3M’s privacy solutions, including a solution inside the device. This new system offers privacy on the fly, at the click of a button.

Also featured are: new optically clear adhesives for curved and foldable devices; new materials for brighter and thinner displays of all sizes; and a large, multi-touch projected capacitive or PCAP tabletop display. Please see 3M at booth number 1029 throughout SID’s Display Week.