3LCD Projectors #1 in Readability Study

In a recent nationwide, quantitative study evaluating the readability of business and education projectors, 7 out of 10 respondents preferred projectors using 3LCD technology over 1-chip DLP models1. In addition, a clear majority of those who preferred 3LCD projectors described them as “much more readable” than competing DLP projectors with similar resolution and (White) Brightness ratings.

The independent, quantitative study, which was conducted by Radius Research, asked participants to evaluate the readability of common business and education content including text-based information, black-on-white copy in various font sizes and standard visual test eye charts. Study participants evaluated the projectors – which included top-selling 3LCD and DLP models across the most popular business and education resolution categories – in a typical ambient light environment.

The overall results were overwhelming and conclusive, indicating that people clearly prefer 3LCD projectors over 1-chip DLP for readability. One of the most interesting insights in the study revealed that DLP projectors tested were not preferred even though they all had higher contrast ratios than the 3LCD projectors tested. The finding shows that there is no direct correlation between higher contrast ratio and superior readability in typical business and education settings.

3LCD, the world’s #1 projection technology, powers the majority of all education and business projectors. It offers a number of competitive technology advantages, including:

  • 3-Chip Optical Engine: All 3LCD projectors use a 3-chip optical engine to deliver incredibly bright and vivid color
  • Brighter Colors: 3LCD delivers up to 3 times higher Color Brightness2
  • Wider Color Gamut: 3LCD projectors have up to 3 times wider Color Gamut3
  • High Color & White Light Output: 3LCD projectors deliver high Color and White Brightness compared to many projectors that only deliver high (White) Brightness
  • Road-Tested Reliability: 3LCD technology has consistently been the choice of users who demand long-life performance and reliability

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