21% of US Homes Can Stream UHD

mobile dataAkamai shows this data for mobile usage, collected by EricssonAkamai said that according to its Q2 2015 “State of the Internet” report, only 21% of US homes have internet speeds of 15Mbps – the minimum considered necessary for UltraHD straming. The number is up from 17% in Q2 last year. The leading countries for average broadband speed are South Korea (23.1Mbps), Hong Kong (17 Mbps), followed by Japan (16.4 Mbps), Sweden (16.1 Mbps) and Switzerland (15.6 Mbps). The average for the US was 11.7Mbps which puts the US in 20th overall place. In Europe, Germany is in 24th place, France in 45th and the UK is at 19th.

The report can be downloaded from