15 NLT Can Support Touch with Gloves on Wet Screens

NLT (the NEC/Tianma venture) told us that it is seeing a lot of interest in widescreen formats, now. It has had many years of supplying 4:3 and 5:4 displays with a constant fit/form/function for long term industrial supply. The company plans to bring the same strategy to its widescreen formats.

The firm has also developed a new touch system that can be used with wet screens by gloved fingers. NLT said that others can show wet or gloved touch, but not both. The key development is a new optimised controller chip (from clues, we suspect Atmel, although the firm wouldn’t confirm this). The combination of liquid and gloves could be very helpful in medical and other emergency applications. At the moment, this is just a technology demonstration, with no firm manufacturing date.