01Consulting Sees Sony as the Early Winner in the VR Race

According to 01Consulting (01), Sony is the early winner in the VR race. In their latest market study 01 researched the sales of the top 30 VR suppliers, which includes hardware, software and content providers. In their market study Global Virtual Reality Market 2016 – 2020, they see a dominant position for Sony at the moment. The numbers indicate an almost 30% VR market share. The indicated 30% is the share is Sony’s share within the top 30 suppliers but since there are more than 30 players the Sony share of the overall market will be somewhat lower of course.

01Consulting VR Vendors Market ShareSource: 01Consulting VR – Global Virtual Reality Market 2016 – 2020

The data are based on their own research that uses primary research of the 30 top companies and a follow up comparison to other market reports and sources. They do see sometimes agreement with some reports but also significant differences with others. The report is available from 01Consulting for $1,950.

Analyst Comment

Market research reports are often answering very specific questions under a very specific viewpoint based on the respective client base. It is up to the client to analyze if the report is useful for their specific needs. It is interesting to see that the hardware makers are all taking up the top spots, which makes some sense, as the installed base needs to be built up before content can play a more important role. Of course, one would assume that the software and content revenue from Sony for example is included in these numbers. So there exists a captive market based on the hardware platform. At the same time these numbers would suggest that the VR market is very price sensitive and end user pricing is more important than some would have thought, giving Sony the early lead. (NH)