Zwim Developing HUD for Swimmers

Zwim from South Korea has developed a pair of goggles for swimmers and with an integrated HUD. The group has started an Indiegogo project and had raise $12,400 from a goal of $20,000 when we looked. Those pledging can buy a set of goggles for $199, while the retail price will be $399.

zwim display

The goggles have an optical heart rate sensor integrated and there is a motion sensor to help with counting laps and lap timing. They are also designed so that the optical/computing part of the system can be moved to a new pair of goggles, in case they wear out or are damaged (additional goggles are available at $15).

There’s a video online

Analyst Comment

Like cycling, swimming is a good prospect for smart eyewear, I think. Zwim is not the first to try to make this kind of product, but seems to have quite a well developed design, although we’d worry that the $20,000 won’t go very far! (BR)