Zara Installs Mirror Displays with RFID Capabilities

Zara and its parent company Inditex have unveiled a new Zara store concept at Westfield in London, UK. The 4,500m² store features a dedicated area for the purchase and collection of online orders, which the company says can handle 2,400 orders simultaneously, enabling shoppers to collect purchases made through Zara’s e-commerce platforms.

The system’s optical barcode reader scans QR or PIN codes that customers receive when they place orders online. Behind the pick-up point, a robotic arm collects trays and organises packages according to their size.

Interactive mirrors equipped with RFID will be able to detect the garment a customer is holding, enabling them to see what a complete outfit will look like in the mirror. Staff with iPads will be able to advise customers and accept payments. Customers can pay using their mobile phones via the Zara app or Inditex’s app, InWallet.

Complementing the regular cashier desks, there is a self-checkout area with a system that automatically identifies garments being purchased. Customers can simply confirm their items on a screen at self-checkout before paying with their cards or mobile phones.

No specific details regarding the technology used in the digital concept store had been released at publication time – if we get something, we’ll report.