Younger Buyers Lead Growth in Chinese Notebook Sales

Growth in Chinese notebook sales is being driven by younger people, according to research from IDC China, based on figures from the annual sales on 18th June to celebrate eTailer Jing Dong (JD)’s anniversary. Other eTailers also hold sales to compete at this time. The 16-25 age group recorded the biggest increase in share over last year, up 8% YoY, with the 36-45 age group seeing a dropback of a similar size. The change was attributed to celebrity video promotions which attract the young and raise demand for upgrades. Gaming and ≤20mm notebooks saw growth of 43.7% and 93.5% respectively. This is turn raised the ASP, with notebooks costing over US$730 up by 110% YoY, making up 48% of the notebook market.

Regionally, there was more growth in the less developed provinces, as the PC market is stabilising in the more developed cities. Over the whole country, 610,931 notebooks, up 37.9% YoY from 442,904, and 182,475 desktops, up 43.4% from 127,271, were sold. eTailers are working on personalisation of offerings, as price alone is not sufficient to drive growth during the sales. JD contributed 84.8% of notebook and 94% of desktop numbers.

The top five vendors was unchanged from last year, with Lenovo (including ThinkPad) still number one.

JD Top 5 notebooks