Yota Ready For V3

We reported on Russian phone maker, Yota, several times up to 2015 when it showed the YotaPhone 2 – which had an OLED on the front and an E Ink display on the back. It set up a crowdfunding campaign to bring it to the US, but cancelled that plan.

Now, the company has said that it is planning the YotaPhone 3, which will also have dual displays. Details are scarce, although the company has said that a 64GB version will cost $350 and a 128GB model will cost $450. Engadget reports that it will be based on a 5.5″ FullHD display on the front, with a 5.2″ 720 line E Ink display on the back and will have a Snapdragon 625 chip with 4GB of RAM.

Expectations are that the phone will launch in Russia and China in September.