Xtalic Introduces LUNA® USB: The Novel USB-C Connector Solution That Enables Waterproof Smartphones

LUNA® USB is a newly engineered connector plating technology that uses Xtalic nanostructured metal alloys to provide USB-C connectors with superior corrosion protection. A complete waterproofing solution for any mobile device requires a high level of corrosion resistance on the connector contacts.

Exposure of the plug or the mobile devices charging port to water, beverages or especially human perspiration will likely lead to rapid corrosion when the mobile device is charging. This problem becomes more acute as mobile devices convert to the USB-C standard, which allows for higher power for faster charging.

The LUNA® USB technology is built using LUNA®, a patented nanostructured metal alloy from Xtalic which has been featured in major technical conferences around the world. Xtalic designed the LUNA® USB technology to be applied in existing manufacturing processes and equipment within the mobile OEM supply chain, allowing for accelerated deployments in support of mobile waterproofing strategies.

This new technology meets or exceeds the performance of hard gold in performance testing (e.g. EIA–364 standard), delivers a significant performance improvement in immersion corrosion resistance under bias and offers 20-40% cost savings over other precious metal plated technology. LUNA® USB has gone through rigorous validation and is now available for customer sampling.