Xinhua Silk Road: BOE Shows Off Display Expertise at SID Display Week 2021

BOE brings its innovative technologies and applications to the Display Week 2021, a display event hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID) on May 17, demonstrating its industry-leading innovation ability and exceptional technological leadership to the world.

At the event, BOE exhibits its technologies and products in five major areas: the ADS Pro, flexible OLED, Mini/Micro LED and innovative technologies and applications.

BOE has never stopped pursuing innovation in display technology, said Gao Wenbao, executive vice president of BOE and CEO of the Display Business Group. Besides TFT-LCD and flexible OLED, BOE has ramped up R&D of Mini/Micro LED and other cutting-edge technologies and rolled out a variety of trend-setting technologies and products, propelling the development of the global display industry.

Based on BOE’s proprietary ADS super hard screen technology, a wide viewing angle technology, ADS Pro provides a system-level solution for high-end LCD products, which represents major breakthroughs in multiple fields such as ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio, edge-to-edge display, high refresh rate and in-cell .

After being the first in China to mass-produce flexible and foldable OLED displays and bringing them to market, BOE has launched a wide range of innovative technologies such as scroll-like display and flexible full-screen display integrated with under-display camera, unlocking unlimited possibilities for the form of display products.

As a global leader in Mini/Micro LED using a glass substrate, BOE showed off its 75-inch 8K Mini LED product with more than 5,000 zones and a million-level contrast ratio. Backed by its proprietary active drive architecture and high-speed transfer printing technology, BOE provides next-generation system-level LED display solutions empowered by semiconductor technologies and micrometer-level advanced packaging technologies.

BOE has also launched the active-matrix quantum dot light-emitting diode (AMQLED) display, which is equipped with disruptive next-generation display technology, marking another milestone the display maker has achieved in the field of electroluminescent quantum dots.

While bringing innovative display products to global users, BOE is empowering countless application scenarios with its intelligent IoT technology, creating amazing visual experiences and a better life for people.

By leveraging its technological expertise in display and sensing, BOE will continue to deepen its IoT strategy centered on semiconductor display and work with global partners along the industry chain to deliver ultimate visual experiences and smarter living experiences to users, Gao added.