WSJ: Google Working on Standalone VR

By Tom Allen

Google is continuing to work on virtual reality, undeterred by the withdrawal of its Google Glass product. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company is developing an all-in-one headset that will operate without a link to any external device.

“A person familiar with the matter” said that the new device will feature a screen, ‘high-powered’ processors and outward-facing cameras. Chips from Movidius will be used, which track head motion using the camera feeds.

One of the WSJ’s sources said that the device would be unveiled this year; however, two others warned that it is still early in development, and Google may not decide to release it at all.

In addition to the new headset, the WSJ said that Google is building a more advanced version of its Cardboard VR viewer. The new model will be made from plastic and include computer chips and sensors. This could be shown off at Google I/O in May. A new version of Android, built for VR devices, is also rumoured.