Wortmann Is Main “Local Hero” Brand in Germany

Wortmann glass design monitor

Wortmann is almost the last remaining German “local hero” PC brand with real momentum – it recently announced that it had achieved sales of €1 billion in 2014 from €850 million in 2013. Sales are increasing outside Germany and the firm told us that it is selling in France, the UK and the Netherlands as well as the DACH region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company has inaugurated its own cloud centre and has developed a line of PC products for education (MDM Product Roundup – Vol 22 No 8)

The company was on a distributor booth and showed us its new business line design monitors. There are 24″ (2470W) and a 27″ unit with a “glass design” that minimises the borders around the display. The 2470W is a 23.8″ FullHD unit with wide viewing angles and a DisplayPort input. The monitor is claimed to have an A/R coating which cuts reflections to less than 2% and transmissivity is said to be 95%. The panel uses IPS technology, brightness is 250 cd/m² and DisplayPort and HDMI inputs are featured. Wortmann is selling the monitor now, for €260 ex VAT.

The 27″ version (2770W) has a 2560 x 1440 panel with an AH IPS panel and a DisplayPort 1.2 interface along with HDMI, VGA and DVI. Brightness is high at 400 cd/m² and response is quoted at 6ms g/g.

The 2840W “GreenLine” monitor is a FullHD touch monitor with a 1.3mp integrated camera and microphone. There is support for 10 point touch. Panel technology is MVA and brightness is 250 cd/m². Connections are through VGA, HDMI & DVI.

For education, as well as PCs, Wortmann has developed tablets and convertibles. Although not fully ruggedised, they are said to be water resistant. Staff told us that Microsoft has a special campaign in German schools. If they register directly with Microsoft, they can get Windows free (a Google search for Microsoft and FWU will give more details). Microsoft has also had some success with Multipoint servers being used to drive multiple thin client devices that are used by students on PCs and tablets.

Wortmann has also developed ruggedised tablets for business applications and these are generally supplied with Windows, but the firm also has two models with Android for low end price requests.

Wortmann Rugged tabletThis Wortmann rugged tablet is for schools