World’s Biggest Touch Screen Used for Human Candy Crush

CBS’s new Candy Crush game show, hosted by Mario Lopez, has recently won a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest touch screen display ahead of the show’s start this summer.

Standing 25ft tall and made of 55 MultiTaction screens the wall’s unique infrared camera technology means that it is the only display in the world which can differentiate between hands and feet. This allows contestants to swing, slide and swipe across the giant reinforced glass surface, as they attempt to match candies and win $100,000.

Reacting to the Guinness World Record Josh Silberman, Executive Producer of Candy Crush, said that “Multitaction’s unique touch video walls were the only technology I could trust to build the Candy Crush world record-breaking walls. Multitaction worked tirelessly with our teams to bring these things to life.”

A video of Candy Crush iWall in action may be found here.

I would be happy to provide more information or a telephone press briefing with a spokesperson from MultiTaction, on how touch screen technology is continuing to become more innovative and continues to power engaging tactile experiences.

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